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K V Joseph and Sons established in 1982, is one among the most trusted and certified company in the field of construction. The company has played a major role in architectural renaissance and constructional advancements in Kerala.

The firm acquired registration under registrar of firms act and commenced business from 1982. The company which was established as ‘K V Joseph and Sons’was later rebranded as ‘K V Joseph and Sons Private Limited’ and was incorporated under companies act, 1956.By our sister concern Kuriekal Infrastructure launched in the year2015; we extend our constructional expertise and legacy to the infrastructural services.

Ever since its inception the company has been able to usher quality and finesse to the constructional endeavors that we undertook, and to execute our ventures with consistency and class.In the course of 35 years, the company has built landmark projects in private and public sector. We have set the infrastructure of many iconic edifices and have molded the skylines of major cities.

K V Joseph and Sons have now been established as leading construction facilitators in the Indian construction space. The company is now lauded for the sophisticated and majestic architectural masterpieces accomplished, for complying with the highest health and safety standards and for delivering unwavering quality.The company and our pack of experienced and skilled professionals always put excellence and longevity first and have always delivered eminence and 100% value of money.

Our mission is to shower value added premium construction services for our customers that would be ethereal and would surpass their expectations. Our goal is to develop our projects in an environmentally stable and sustainable way and to abide by the building standards and implement them in all of our projects. We consider ourselves responsible builders, erecting edifices of value, safety, and importance.

Our long standing sturdy edifices are the biggest testimonies to our excellence.So when it comes to responsible and extraordinary construction quality you can relyon us.





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Meet Our Founders

K V Joseph

Returned from Indian military service in 1970 and started the business and formed the firm. His army discipline and precision have always driven the company to perfection and success. His theories and ideas form the strong foundation of our business policy.

K J George

Took the leadership in early the eighties and created a strong foundation. He led the company to new horizons. His visionary insights and revolutionary guidance made sure that all new endeavors of the company concluded in profit and success. He continues to lead the company through the right path, towards the right goal.

K J Kuriakose

Came to the leadership role with the sudden demise of K J George. The company grew leaps and bounds after he ascends to the office. He led the firm to the right path in the nineties. His exemplary direction helped the company to overcome many turbulent economic, social, and political scenarios triumphantly.


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It is a long established fact that KVJ are delivering more than we expect.


Meet Our Directors

Our path-breaking projects are backed by a group of proficient directors, experienced managers, and other dexterous professionals. The company is spearheaded by 8 adroit directors and one among the directors serves as the managing director.

K. J Thomas

Managing Director

His exemplary insights always steer the company towards achieving our industrial goals.

K. J Joshy


His impeccable guidance leads the company on the right track and ushers the company to success.

K. J Joseph


The possessor of extraordinary leadership and problem-solving skills always makes sure the company activities go about glitch free.

K.J Sebastian


The perfectionist among the board of directors; makes sure that even the smallest activity is given adequate attention.

K. J Antony


He is a born industrial clairvoyant and always foresees the future and prepares the company to face all kinds of situations.

K. J Paul


A gifted coordinator and an exceptional motivator; he makes sure that all the workforce functions as one efficient unit.

Binu George


This information powerhouse is the mastermind behind many of our successful projects.

Lissy Kuriakose


A visionary and achiever, LissyKuriakose makes sure that we reach our goals sooner than we anticipate.